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We Are Delighted To Be Partnering with London Essence

Explore The World of London Essence Exquisite Mixers Created From Distilled Botanicals, Now Served At The Gin To My Tonic

The London Essence Co.

In 1896, the founders of The London Essence Company began to develop exquisite essences for the city’s finest perfume houses. Informed by this innovative heritage, The London Essence today creates luxurious drinks with purest flavours derived from quality ingredients. An ensemble of botanicals is artfully selected by their team of flavour experts and gently distilled until their true essence is captured. The result is a premium mixer that doesn’t cloak the flavour of the spirit it accompanies, but rather accentuates it.


The Collection

Their luxury mixer collection has grown to include tonics, sodas and lemonade and gingers, each delicately light and low in calories, without an artificial sweetener in sight. Instead, every product delivers a thoughtfully calibrated taste profile, designed to enhance a premium spirit, or present an exquisite standalone drinking experience.

The London Essence Company infuses contemporary beverages with the glamour and nostalgia of the old world, to effortlessly elevate any occasion. When you choose a drink from their collection, you’re choosing good taste, and an intelligent union of flavours your guests are sure to notice.

We personally believe The London Essence Co and their flavours pair beautifully with the craft gins, spirits and distillers we so passionately work with. Their mixers are the chosen mixer in some of The World’s 50 Best Bars, across the globe, and so it only seemed fitting to be able to bring them to one of the most passionate and engaged gin communities of all – The Gin To My Tonic. Our ethos has always been to introduce you to new gins and mixer pairings you may not have tried before, and by partnering with London Essence we’ll be able to educate a whole new generation of craft gin and spirit drinkers.

Take a Look at Their Range of Exquisite Mixers

London Essence Indian Tonic – This boasts a delightful versatility, showcasing a refreshing citrus profile with a distinctively gentle bitter finish, thanks to the addition of their distilled juniper essence.

London Essence Blood Orange & Elderflower Tonic – This boasts a one-of-a-kind combination of tangy blood orange oils, distilled elderflower essence, and a hint of quinine to achieve the characteristic sharpness of tonic water.

London Essence Pomelo & Pink Pepper Tonic – This offers a perfectly balanced blend of sweet, tangy pomelo fruit and a subtle hint of warming pink peppercorn.

London Essence White Peach & Jasmine Soda – A finely balanced mixture of delicate white peach and fragrant jasmine, accompanied by champagne-style bubbles for a luxurious drinking experience. This particular soda is an excellent choice for pairing with prosecco, premium vodka, or whisky.

London Essence Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic –  This features an expertly crafted blend of crisp, cold-pressed grapefruit oils and distilled rosemary essence, resulting in a tonic water that is bursting with fragrant flavours and the signature bitterness of quinine.

London Essence Roasted Pineapple Soda – Sweet and effervescent mixer that features delightful tropical top notes. The expertly crafted blend of tropical sweet pineapple and botanicals creates a taste that transports the palate to warmer climates. Paired perfectly with a rum.

London Essence Pink Grapefruit Soda – This mixer that features a fresh, green herbal note and a clean and refreshing finish. The expertly crafted blend of pomelo and botanicals creates a taste that transports the palate to warmer climates.

London Essence Soda Water – This is expertly crafted mixer that offers a precisely balanced and perfectly carbonated experience. The crisp and clean finish of this soda water is designed to seamlessly complement and enhance the unique characteristics of any superior spirit.

London Essence Ginger Ale – The gentle liquorice taste and subtle spice of ginger create a perfectly balanced and rounded flavour profile that is sure to impress. This ginger ale is an excellent choice for pairing with premium Gin, Rum or Whisky as it enhances the distinct characteristics of each spirit.

London Essence Spiced Ginger Beer – The deep and rich ginger notes create a lasting warmth that is perfectly balanced by the black currant fruitiness, resulting in a deeply satisfying taste experience. This spiced ginger beer is an excellent choice for pairing with premium vodkas and aged rums.

London Essence Crafted Lemonade – A refreshing lemon and lime base, that is accentuated with hints of exotic citrus fruits and finished with a juicy kumquat distillate to elevate this staple within the mixer collection.

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