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In The Spotlight: NEW Mermaid Zest Gin

Inspired by the coastline of Isle of Wight. Natural, Sustainable, Ethical.

The Isle of Wight is home to the first and only distillery, founded by Xavier Baker and Conrad Gauntlett in 2014. Rooted in the natural landscape of a unique island off the south coast of the UK. The stunning surroundings inspired Mermaid gin and provide the unique characteristics of each tipple, using only local ethically sourced ingredients.

Using Xavier and Conrad’s wealth of knowledge in brewing and winemaking, they set about combining their love for the island and passion for hand-crafted spirits. Since the opening of the distillery in 2014, Mermaid Gin has made its way across the country as well as adventuring overseas, bringing a hint of ocean air to gin lovers across the globe.

Today the Mermaid range today consists of four delectable tipples, Mermaid Gin, Mermaid Pink Gin, Mermaid Salt Vodka and the limited-edition Mermaid Zest Gin.

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Mermaid Zest Gin is full of bright and fresh grapefruit with gentle juniper, citrusy zing delivering a subtle sweetness entwined with herbal notes. Made with summer citrus grapefruit, bergamot, lemon zest along with rosemary, hops and local rock samphire, this zesty, aromatic infusion with it’s Emerald Green bottle fits right into the stunning Mermaid range of gins.

Mermaid Zest Gin is perfect for summer sundowners either as a refreshing spritz or as a G&T with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic, garnished with a slice of fresh lemon or grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary.


Mermaid Gin is a delicious small batch gin that has an intriguing combination of 10 botanicals, including, juniper (of course!), native rock Samphire, elderflower & Sicilian lemon zest. The flavour profile of Mermaid Gin is nothing short of delightful and is bursting with citrus flavour, delicate pepper and coastal complexities that excel on the palate. The bottle is now plastic free and made entirely of recyclable materials, including biodegradable paint, an all-natural cork with a wooden top and a paper seal. All of which is good news for the Oceans (and the Mermaids that live within it)!

Once a great gin with a nice enough bottle, the redesign has helped reinforce its premium credentials. It’s now bursting with pride with it’s sculpted scales and turquoise blues & greens, but none of this would mean anything if the liquid was not of the same quality.

Perfect serve? Fever-Tree Indian & Mediterranean work beautifully, but give it a try with Fever-Tee Cucumber. It’s super refreshing and packed full of flavour…


Following the recent launch of Mermaid Zest Gin, we thought it only appropriate to return to Mermaid Pink Gin. After all, the sun is shining and there is no better time of year to enjoy this little marvel…

Bottled at 38% ABV it infuses the flavour and aroma of Island strawberries, with the smooth yet complex taste of the original Mermaid Gin. All the things you love about the original remains, such as juniper, rock samphire, lemon zest, elderflower and grains of paradise, however it’s of course the mighty strawberry that steals the show here. The combination of the citrus, peppery notes and seaside keep this interesting mind, making his more than a one dimensional fruit gin. You do feel like you are drinking in the Isle of Wight seaside with their creations. Rock samphire is also known locally as “Mermaid’s Kiss” as grows just above the seas high tide line. We thought this was oddly fitting with this latest redesign.

Kudos to the distillery for once again creating a plastic free bottle made entirely of recyclable materials.

Perfect Serve? Fever-Tree Elderflower and a garnish of Strawberries works a treat!

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Personalised Mermaid Gin
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