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The Tarsier Spirit Story


Ethical, adventurous, exotic. The three words that first spring to mind when dreaming of Tarsier Spirit. Set up by Tim and Sherwin in 2017 and inspired by a backpacking trip filled with unforgettable experiences and amazing flavours, the pair’s story is one of adventure and discovery.

The duo love that gin is such a playful spirit category to work with. Unlike vodka, whisky or bourbon, gin allows experimentation with many flavours, botanicals and ingredients enabling the maker to create the kind of liquid that is personal to them, and that’s exactly what they did…

From the very beginning, Tim and Sherwin knew they wanted each bottle to tell the story of their backpacking adventure which would, in turn, result in a gin that was unique, personal, and full of love and passion. They recognised that there was a complete lack of Southeast Asian brands and their love for cooking and experimenting with ingredients meant that the dynamic duo already knew how flavours would work together. Sherwin’s background in the drinks industry paired with Tim’s Maths degree and meticulous nature made the perfect match to create something truly special, while also bringing new excitement to the gin category.

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Countless days and weeks were spent experimenting in their Manchester kitchen, distilling fruits, herbs and spices from the region in a small copper alembic pot still. Searching for a harmonious balance of citrus, floral, and spice, the pair rejected many botanicals until they found their perfect botanical mix. But still, they persisted and continued to experiment… changing ratios and testing on friends and family until, finally, they got the balance just right. The result? Southeast Asian perfection!

The Gin Range


Tarsier Dry Gin is citrus forward with herby mid-notes and a long peppery finish which echoes the trip that Tim and Sherwin embarked on. The Philippines are represented by the calamansi, Thai Sweet Basil and galangal are symbolic of Thailand and Vietnam, and Cambodia is perfectly represented by the Kampot pepper. These four standout botanicals are distilled alongside seven traditional gin botanicals to create their delicious recipe. On the nose, the citrus freshness of Calamansi shines brightly accompanied by juniper. This continues on the palate with prickles of pepper and spice courtesy of the Kampot pepper and galangal, delivered with a herbaceous edge thanks to the Thai Sweet Basil.

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The newest Tarsier addition, Oriental Pink is bursting with the floral notes of red dragon fruit, the sweetness of lychee and the tartness of raspberry. There’s real substance to this creation, with raspberry most definitely prominent, but there’s also twists and turns on the palate giving this depth. Juniper is of course present and the Southeast Asian botanicals are really rather delightful and help to make this raspberry creation refreshingly unique.

The Perfect Serve


Tarsier Southeast Asian Dry Gin pairs perfectly with a Fever-Tree Indian Tonic to let the flavours of Southeast Asia shine. Add plenty of ice and garnish with a slice of lime and two sticks of ginger. Not sure on Tonic? This also pairs beautifully with a Fever-Tree Ginger Ale.

Tarsier Oriental Pink Gin goes amazingly well with a Fever-Tree Light Tonic (or Fever-Tree Lemonade if you like it a little sweeter). Again, add plenty of ice to your glass and garnish with raspberries and a sprig of mint.

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The Gin To My Tonic Says…


Tarsier Spirit have burst on to the gin scene with the delightfully exotic Tarsier Gin range. We’ve been fortunate to have Tarsier tour across the UK with us on our Show and Festival tour, and have seen first-hand how this journey of Southeast Asia has captivated gin lovers old and new.  With so many gin creations now on the market it can be difficult to stand out, but their international influence, ethically sound business plan (10% of profits going to protect the Tarsier), and charismatic personalities have left a lasting impression. The duo certainly have a real artistic flare when It comes to flavour, and we love that food pairings and cocktails have been kept firmly in mind in there gin creations.

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