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The Brighton Gin Story


Founded in 2013 by a handful of gin-loving Brightonians, Brighton Gin always has been (and always will be!) made by hand, in the heart of Brighton and Hove. As a well-loved destination for, and home to, many good-time-folk the world over, the city of Brighton acts as the main inspiration for this tasty tipple. The team embody the fun, free-thinking and progressive attitude of the city, and aim to share the ‘Spirit of Brighton’ everywhere Brighton Gin goes (especially when their gin bicycle is involved!).

Progressing from strength to strength over the years, the Brighton Gin team were utterly thrilled when they were first listed in Waitrose!

But journeys do not come without their challenges, and the world of export has been Brighton Gin’s biggest challenge to date. Always one to rise to the occasion, they are now sold (and loved!) in 5 different countries across the world. Undoubtedly one to watch, keep an eye on the Brighton Gin website for exciting news, redevelopments and (just maybe!) the announcement of some new and delicious products.

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The Gin Range


The Brighton Gin range consists of two delicious tipples: their Pavillion Strength London Dry and their Seaside Strength Navy.

The Pavillion Strength Gin is a beautifully smooth London Dry bottled at 40% ABV. Clear & bright in the glass, the subtle notes of juniper take hold before releasing sweet-scented fresh citrus and a touch of spice. While the full botanical profile is a closely guarded secret, juniper, lime and milk thistle feature. The milk thistle in particular is sourced from the South Downs and is said to have liver  cleansing properties (a gin that keeps on giving for sure!). This is beautifully traditional on the palate.

In their Seaside Strength, juniper is the star attraction but there is also a cascade of zesty citrus on the nose with hints of candied orange, pine and spice. To taste, this one is fresh and fruity with a lot of citrus and juniper up-front, followed by a delicate peppery finish. It’s rich, creamy and deliciously satisfying with no hint of burn. At 57% proof it also holds the flavour better and enhances the botanicals, meaning you can opt for less gin (entirely optional) and still get that refreshing juniper flavour pushing through. This is a gin that fills the palate in a delightful way, utterly delicious neat but equally good and robust in a G&T or cocktail.

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The Perfect Serve


The classic serve of the Brighton Gin Pavillion Strength is a 50ml measure, poured over plenty of ice with a slice of fresh orange and topped up with a high-quality tonic. It also makes a brilliant white negroni and the team prefer to opt for a white Vermouth and a light Aperitif, truly tantalising and far more summery than its traditional counterpart.

On the other hand, the Seaside Strength is a true sipping gin, best served neat over ice or half and half with your favourite tonic and a wheel of lime.

It’s also highly versatile in a range of cocktails and the team have discovered that this is a great addition to a strawberry and basil gin slushie!

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The Gin To My Tonic Says…


Sustainable, ethically sound and big on quality pretty much summarises Brighton Gin. We’ve long been fans of their operation and the artisan touch remains ever evident. Each batch is lovingly crafted by their small but meticulous team, with each bottle hand-filled, labels attached personally, and finally hand dipped in wax. Such is the commitment to keeping their carbon footprint down, not only do they source their botanicals locally, but they also deliver gin in Brighton and Hove on an especially adapted gin bike. The end result is not only great liquid, but simply put ‘bottled passion’. We applaud Brighton Gin for all that they’ve achieved, and can’t wait to see what comes next….

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