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Create Your Own Home Gin Festival


Create Your Own Home Gin Festival with The Gin To My Tonic as we indulge in a fantastic celebration of gin, all from the comfort of your own home!

Whether you are wanting to create a home gin festival experience for yourself, virtually with friends and family, or plan to treat a loved one, then our helpful A-Z of perfect serves with a choice of over 40+ gins is your perfect companion.

The Gin To My Home Festival


1181 Hydro Gin London Dry 40% ABV

A classic London Dry with an initial hit of fresh, piney juniper. Creatively distilled at Peebles Hydro in the beautiful Scottish Borders. 12 botanicals perfectly blended with natural spring water from our very own source in the hills behind us.

Pink Grapefruit and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

6 o’Clock Sloe 26% ABV

6 O’clock Sloe Gin is made in small batches using hand-picked, wild, hedgerow sloes. The intense fruit flavour of this traditional classic is achieved by using a high sloe to gin ratio, plenty of sugar, then patiently and slowly maturing for at least 6 months.

Neat over ice, or with Lemon and Fever-Tree Ginger Ale or Lemon Tonic

CBA – Marrakech Gin 42.5% ABV

Imagine warm spices wafting through the sultry air in the busy souk. Infused with bright citrus and fragrant Moroccan spices, this gin is inspired by wonderful tastes and aromas of Marrakech.

But, if you can’t go in person, go in spirit – in this deep blue bottle, you’ll find a premium classic gin combining the flavours of 19 botanicals including fresh lemon peel, mint, coriander and turmeric.

Serve with a wedge of Lemon and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Cuckoo Solace 41% ABV

Well rounded and juniper-rich with soothing, mellow and comforting aromas. A savoury combination of rosemary and lemon thyme, teamed with Nocellara and Cuquillo olives and lemon, with big hits of fresh grapefruit.

Olive, Rosemary & Grapefruit and Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Dodd’s Citrus & Spice 40% ABV

A quintessentially organic British gin distilled with unique and rare peppercorns from the Far East. Juniper, coriander, cardamom, 100% British honey, and dried and fresh lemons, are expertly distilled with Cubeb, Moudulkiri Red, Vietnamese Long Red and rare Wild Forest peppers handpicked from the Chu Lai region of Vietnam.

Orange and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Ditchling 40% ABV

Ditchling Gin is a stylish classic, traditional London Dry Gin with fresh orange, lemon, bitter almond, and cassia bark botanicals that combine to create a rich taste and subtle sweet orange citrus finish.

Orange and Fever-Tree Indian or Mediterranean Tonic

Explorers Gin by Downton 44% ABV

Explorer’s Gin is a handmade, small batch Premium Contemporary London Dry Gin created using the one-shot method. We macerate fifteen botanicals, then vapour infuse our fresh botanicals to create a spirit of distinction. Being a London dry gin means nothing else is added to Explorer’s Gin post distillation except the spring water which filters down from the New Forest and the surrounding Downs.

Orange and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Foxhole Spirits HYKE Gin 

HYKE is distilled with grape spirit produced from internationally sourced, fresh table grapes that are surplus to the requirements of the supermarket supply chain. This grape spirit is blended with grain spirit and flavoured with a blend of botanicals inspired by the grapes’ African and South American origins, including coriander, myrrh and rooibos.

Lemon & Thyme and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Fynoderee Manx Dry Gin – Summer Edition 43% ABV

One of four seasonal Manx Dry Gins, ‘Summer’ is an ode to the lost Manx tradition of Summer Tea Dances, where young couples would meet and fall in love.

Distilled with fresh Manx strawberries, ripe fruit flavours give way to juniper, coriander and citrus tones with a creamy smooth vanilla finish.

Strawberries and Fever-Tree Naturally Light or Elderflower Tonic.

Greensand Ridge London Dry Gin 40% ABV

Greensand London Dry Gin is lovingly distilled in small batches from a carefully selected combination of fifteen botanicals, each of which plays an important role in creating the delicately balanced flavour profile.

The resulting gin is fantastically rounded where no individual botanical dominates.  On the nose, aromatic citrus and pine give way to a full and complex warming sweetness on the palate.  A hint of nuttiness carries through to the  finish, complimented by a gentle floral, aromatic quality.

Bay Leaf & Lemon and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Gyre & Gimble Callooh Callay 45% ABV

Gyre & Gimble is the newest addition to Norwich’s ever growing Cocktail Bar scene, and with a bold, industrial vibe broken up with splashes on greenery, it’s definitely one of a kind. An incredibly flavoursome gin with prominent notes of Salty Samphire, Floral Lavender, Peppery Spice and Fresh Citrus throughout.

Samphire & Grapefruit Peel with Fever-Tree Mediterranean

Hedgerow Gin 42% ABV

The Sloemotion team have expanded their range of various berry-focused liqueurs to feature a gin! Their Hedgerow Gin features a menagerie of fragrant ingredients, including crab apple, sloe stone, elderflower, nettle, wildflower meadow hay and rosehip, much of which is foraged locally.

Apple & Thyme and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Hendrick’s Gin 41% ABV

Hendrick’s Gin is oddly infused with rose and cucumber, made as a delightful antidote to the ordinary.

Cucumber and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Hills and Harbour 40% ABV

With local Noble Fir needles and Bladderwrack Seaweed, it leads with juniper and is balanced with hints of forest fir, tropical fruit, citrus spice, tangy sherbet and a subtle scent of the shore. One of the rare gins in Scotland to be distilled with their own spirit, they take local wheat and water combine in their 7 day fermentation process to create maximum character and mouth feel.

Mango and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

HMS Mary Rose Gin 42% ABV

Mary Rose Gin is HMS Spirits first and flagship spirit. They use 100% organic British wheat grain spirit as the base for this well balanced juniper led London Dry, adding pink grapefruit peel to liven the front of the palate and rosemary for a soft subtle finish.

Pink Grapefruit & Rosemary and Fever-Tree Naturally Light or Mediterranean Tonic

Holy Island 44% ABV

Holy Island Gin is a tradition dry gin. With their carefully selected botanicals, their gin is crisp and fresh as they aim to deliver the essence of island life in a bottle.

Orange and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Inverroche Amber Gin 43% ABV

An amber-coloured South African gin from Inverroche. Both the hue and the flavour is attributed to the mixture of flora grown in the coastal regions. Floral notes are present along with a pleasing sweetness and spice. An excellent sipping gin that also works particularly well in a French 75.

Orange and Fever-Tree Indian or Aromatic Tonic.

Isle of Bute Oyster Gin 43% ABV 

The world’s first oyster gin. We charge our still with the shells of wild Scottish oysters to add a delicate maritime essence. When blended with citrus and other botanicals, this creates a savoury gin which is a perfect pair to seafood and the ideal base for a martini.  However, to begin with you must try Oyster Gin neat, the taste profile is one of a kind.

Lemon or Cucumber and a touch of cracked Black Pepper and Fever-Tree Naturally Light Tonic

Lucky Bee Hench Navy Strength Gin 57% ABV

Lucky Bee Hench Gin comes from a Small Batch Craft Gin company based in Timperley that completely embraces the good old fashioned Mancunian work ethic. Distilling their very own gin using 13 different botanicals, most of which are sourced locally because they are proud of where they come from and want this to be celebrated through the brand.

Lucky Bee Hench Gin, is a Navy strength gin highly regarded with clean nuanced flavours that seem highlighted at the higher proof leaving a smooth almond finish.

Lime and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Silent Pool Original Gin 43% ABV

On the Albury Estate in the hills of Surrey, lives a beautiful Silent Pool, which is a mysterious lake – next to the pool is where Silent Pool is created. This tasty gin is made with a selection of 24 botanicals including local honey, kaffir lime, chamomile and lavender. The resulting gin is fresh, balanced and tasty.

Orange or Sprig of Lavender with a Fever-Tree Indian Tonic.

Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin 43% ABV

The bright, zesty notes come from green (unripened) Seville oranges, Buddha’s hand, which releases a sherbert-lemon aroma, natsu dai dai brings accents of mandarin and lime and hirado buntan adds a grapefruit tang and honeyed sweetness.

Orange and a Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Sir-Robin of Locksley Gin 41% ABV

Up-front juniper with more delicate aromas of elderflower bubbling through. Deliciously smooth and round on the palate – warm cassia notes soothed with dandelion. Pink grapefruit adds an underlying sweetness and lingering citrus finish. Balanced yet distinctively unique.

Grapefruit & Fever-Tree Indian or Elderflower Tonic

Slingsby Yorkshire Rhubarb Gin 40% ABV

Slingsby have taken their London Dry Gin, which is crafted using locally sourced botanicals, and masterfully infused this with the finest Yorkshire Rhubarb sourced from the famous ‘Rhubarb Triangle’. These unique ingredients are complemented with water drawn from the world-famous Harrogate aquifer, pure single grain spirit and a handful of the finest ingredients sourced from around the world.

Raspberries and Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic or Ginger Ale.

Poetic License Northern Dry 43% ABV

Expect a big punch of juniper that’s finely balanced with green cardamon for a warm spicy flavour. With undertones of lemon and eucalyptus, the inclusions of Persian limes intensifies the citrus feel.

Pink Grapefruit and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Ramsbury Gin 40% ABV

Ramsbury Single Estate Gin is a modern twist on a classic London dry gin. The spirit is distilled in a copper still using Horatio wheat, grown on estate grounds, before the spirit is distilled again with nine botanicals including locally picked quince grown on the Ramsbury Estate. A crisp, full bodied gin in which floral notes combined with defining botanicals quince, gives it a moreish and sweet palate.

Apple and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Tarsier Oriental Pink 40% ABV

A blushing gin from Tarsier Sprit, bursting with the floral notes of red dragon fruit, the sweetness of lychee and the tartness of raspberry. Raspberry is prominent but there’s twists and turns on the palate giving this real depth. The Southeast Asian botanicals are really rather delightful and help make this raspberry creation refreshingly unique.

Raspberries and Fever-Tree Light Tonic

The Gin To My Tonic Folly Gin 43% ABV

Folly Gin includes juniper, angelica, orris, scots pine, rowan berries, blackberries, elderberries and rose, which we have paired with a couple of choice botanicals of our own such as pink peppercorns and lemon. The result is a complex, rich and flavourful gin that celebrates local provenance.

Blackberries & Lemon and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

The Gin To My Tonic Folly Pink Gin 43% ABV

This pink creation uses our original Folly London Dry Gin as a base before being infused with fresh strawberries and vanilla. The result is reminiscent of your favourite summertime picnic, with fruity strawberry upfront and luxurious vanilla on the finish.

Strawberries and Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic

The Gin To My Tonic No.1 Yuzu & Schezuan Pepper 45% ABV

This artisanal creation promises to take you on a journey of gin discovery and expertly pairs the British countryside with oriental citrus and spice. Botanicals include juniper, coriander, angelica, orange peel, liquorice root, yuzu, schezuan pepper and Oxfordshire wood avens.

Grapefruit or Orange and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

The Gin To My Tonic No.2 Watermelon 40% ABV 

Watermelon Gin seduces the senses with its strong watermelon aroma. To taste, juniper is at the fore, accompanied by a touch of citrus sweetness, with the vibrant and refreshing taste of watermelon lingering on the finish for the perfect refreshing tipple.

Watermelon or Cucumber and Fever-Tree Light or Cucumber Tonic

The Gin To My Tonic No.3 Raspberry & Mango 40% ABV

A rich red in colour, our Raspberry & Mango Gin combines sweet raspberries with the juicy, tropical taste of mango to create an unforgettable flavour profile. Botanicals include juniper, coriander, angelica, orris, orange zest, orange blossom with fresh mango and raspberries infused for a fruity flavour.

Raspberries and Fever-Tree Elderflower or Mediterranean Tonic

The Gin To My Tonic No.4 Apple & Lemon 43% ABV

This artisanal creation promises to take you on a journey of gin discovery, expertly pairing botanicals from the British countryside with sharp green apples, succulent lemon and foraged elderflower.

Green Apple and Fever-Tree Elderflower or Mediterranean Tonic

The Gin To My Tonic No.5 Blueberry Old Tom 43% ABV

All natural, there’s a beautiful burst of blueberry as soon as this hits the palate that continues to linger long after the first sip. As this is an Old Tom, it’s naturally sweet, but it still maintains an authentic blueberry charm that is guaranteed to seduce the senses

Blueberries and Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic

The Gin To My Tonic No.6 Orange & Passionfruit 40% ABV

A subtle orange in colour, this gin combines zesty Orange with the tropical delights of Passionfruit. Over 800 passionfruits go into a single batch, which works out to around five full passionfruits per bottle. The result is all natural, with no artificial flavourings, just authentic flavour from the fruit.

Passionfruit and Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

The Gin To My Tonic Limited Edition Raspberry & Mango RUM 40% ABV

A rich red in colour, this RUM combines the sweet taste of Raspberry, with the juicy and tropical sensation of Mango to create an unforgettable flavour profile. Includes subtle hints of coconut.

Mango and Fever-Tree Madagascan Cola

Three Wrens Bison Grass 41.5% ABV

The world’s only gin infused with magical sweet grass ‘Hierochloe Odorata’ also known as Bison Grass, which has been grown from seed and nurtured at the Three Wrens Cheshire distillery.

Apple and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic or Mexican Lime Soda

Vára Orkney Craft Pink Gin 40% ABV

Deerness Distillery introduces Vára Orkney Craft Pink Gin (Vára meaning become spring in Old Norse) Each sip of Vára gin takes you back to the spring time.

Strawberry and Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic


Here at The Gin To My Tonic, we absolutely love recommending new gin. From pointing you in the direction of something tantalising behind The Gin To My Tonic Festival Bars, or towards fantastic distillers at The Gin To My Tonic Meet-the-Maker Shows, we are all about introducing you to undiscovered gems and celebrating the work of craft distillers across the UK and beyond. So strap yourself in and prepare for an exciting journey of gin discovery, as we launch our very own Gin Club in partnership with Fever-Tree.

The Gin To My Tonic Club
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