Updated: 25th March 2020

Dear Gin Friends,

First we want to say thank you for the support and love you have shown the The Gin To My Tonic.

As two best-friends with a passion for gin, we’ve worked extremely hard over the last-12 months to deliver quality gin events across the UK. From our immersive meet-the-maker shows, to our party atmosphere festivals, to our curated tasting events, each has been designed with you the gin lover in mind. It’s been an absolute pleasure meeting you all on the road, seeing your excitement for the nation’s favourite spirit, and watching as you welcome craft distilleries old and new into your homes.

Over recent weeks COVID-19 has placed a black cloud over all our lives. We want to continue to spread the gin love, but we are also aware that we have a moral responsibility to our customers, exhibitors and staff. With this in mind we are reviewing all events from now until end of May 2020:

– Nottingham, Bournemouth, Birmingham and Swindon have been postponed with all ticket holders being notified of updates via e-mail and social media.
– London (May) is under review with an official announcement due soon, however we have added 27th-28th November 2020 which we are happyy to start transferring tickets to for anyone feeling concerned.
– Manchester (May) is under review with an announcement due soon.
– Brighton (May) is under review with an announcement due soon,

June events remain unaffected at this time.

In the event of any changes to our schedule these events will be postponed rather than cancelled, with tickets automatically transferred to the new 2020 date. We are also releasing 2021 dates for these locations so the option to transfer to 2021 is also available. Alternatively, you are welcome to change locations entirely and opt for a new location later in the year with us. Or, if you are undecided on what to do, then we are happy to offer you a gift voucher/credit to redeem at any of our events when the time is right. Your support does not go unnoticed.

We ask for your kindness and understanding at this time. As a small business this is an unprecedented situation to have to navigate, but we also ask you to spare a thought for the craft distilleries that use our events as a way of getting their gin to market. The craft gin industry faces a challenging few months and we all have to pull together, stay strong, and ensure there is a large G&T ready at the end of it. God knows we are all going to need it!

Stay safe, keep well and we will see you all very soon.

Best Wishes,

Em & Paul, Co-Founders, The Gin To My Tonic

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