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Discover the world of colour changing gins

Add a touch of theatrics to your gin serves

If you are looking to add a touch of theatrics to your gin serves then allows us to unveil the world of colour changing gins. The secret colour changing magic comes courtesy of nature, usually thanks to an ingredient called the Butterfly Pea Flower (Clitoria Ternatea), which enables colours to change from a deep blue to a pink with the addition of an acidic mixer such as Tonic. Here we round up some of our favourites….

Pink Marmalade

Pink Marmalade Gin

Pink Marmalade Gin is emphatically citrus, decidedly smooth and beautifully zesty. It balances organic botanicals, with a moment of colour-changing magic.

Traditional small batch distillation meets modern and exciting flavours with the inclusion of 13 choice botanicals. These range from fiery pink peppercorns to soothing chamomile, and even salted grapefruit marmalade. When mixed with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic, it undergoes a natural colour change from cool blue to subtle rose pink.

As a serve pair with a Fever-Tree Indian Tonic and a garnish of Grapefruit & Rosemary

McLean's Something Blue

McLean’s Gin produce a quirky and colourful collection of craft spirits from their purpose-built “Gin Lab”. Every aspect of production is carried out by the careful hand of Head Ginologist; Colin McLean.

McLean’s Something Blue focuses on the marriage of their two favourite botanicals; the tonka bean and the buchu leaf, supported by a 6 further botanicals including clitoria ternatea which provides the signature blue hue. Floral notes of violet and lavender open the spirit, with hints of fresh herbs, almond, blackcurrant and a touch of marzipan.

Something Blue is a really fascinating blend as it somehow walks the line between dry and sweet, containing elements of both, but without ever really becoming either. Distinctly floral, complex, with a signature creamy mouthfeel, it’s a delight to drink with twists and turns aplenty.

As a serve pair with a Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic and a garnish of cucumber. Grapefruit also works wonderfully!

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Ink Gin


Ink Gin, claims to be the world’s 1st all natural colour changing gin!

This unique and award winning floral infused gin is pot distilled in small batches with 13 organic, native Australian & exotic botanicals are infused with butterfly pea flower petals. Normally used in herbal tea, these petals are pH sensitive, changing colour from their natural indigo to pink when mixed with tonic water, lemon or lime juice.

As Ink Gin is a Classic, we recommend a Fever Tree Indian Tonic and choose some seasonal garnish – try citrus (grapefruit, orange, lime), herbs (thyme, mint or rosemary) or fresh strawberries.

Secret Garden Lavender & Echinacea

Secret Garden Lavender & Echinacea is an all-natural, colour-changing gin.

Lavender is a versatile and beautiful flower that has been used for thousands of years thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and works wonderfully well in this gin, providing a soothing aroma and a slightly sweet and floral taste. With countless medicinal and healing properties, lavender is used as a cure for insomnia, so this gin is perfect at the end of a hard day.

Echinacea is another flower which has long been used in treating ailments and is known to boost the human immune system. Rich in phenols, a powerful antioxidant, its beautiful floral taste and aroma complements the lavender perfectly; resulting in an amazingly well-balanced gin with a romantic deep purple colour.

Secret Garden Lavender Gin

Ellis Butterfly Pea

Ellisgin 62

Ellis Gin Butterfly Pea is a lovely herby gin that’s coloured and flavoured by, you guessed it – Butterfly Pea.

Ellis combines a traditional London Dry Gin with the herby flavours of Asian Butterfly Pea flower.

Mix with Elderflower Tonic and garnish with Blueberries.  Looks fabulous in the glass and tastes amazing.

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