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The Ruddy Fine Distillery

Born from a fascination of flavours

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AboutThe Ruddy Fine Distillery

“When Cheryl and I met and sat chatting over gin cocktails while out on our first date, we could never have envisaged where that mutual appreciation of this iconic spirit would take us just a few short years later.” Rory, Ruddy Fine Co- Founder

Ruddy Fine Gin came from a fascination in the flavours and methods involved in creating this wonderful spirit and a desire to make something truly amazing, which the couple could hopefully pass on to their children.

Tinkering with steeping a few locally sourced botanicals soon progressed through to a little 5 litre copper still in their kitchen and now they proudly develop their range of gins close to home with the help of a beautiful copper still, ‘Marion’.  Based in the little village of Ruddington in the heart of the Nottinghamshire countryside, the Ruddy Fine Distillery is the very essence of a small artisan producer. All of their gin flavours are still meticulously developed in the kitchen at the couples home, before being taken down the road to the Distillery to be cooked up in batches of just 350 bottles at a time. – “As you can imagine, this involves a great deal of sampling, so being at home really saves on taxi fares!!”

Since those early days, the Ruddy Fine team have gone on to win multiple Great Taste Awards, International Awards with entries from over 30 countries Worldwide, they have been shortlisted in The Grocer magazine for the Best New Alcohol Product of 2021 and become the first Guest Gin in history in the Houses of Parliament!  Not bad for a little village Distillery!


Cheryl & Rory must have had access to a time machine when they formulated the business plan and named their distillery “Ruddy Fine” because that is the perfect description for their wonderful range of expressions and the experiences offered at the distillery!

Take a flight of fancy with a wonderful tasting in their art deco themed tasting lounge, where you will be guided through the range of spirits, learning about how each has been brought to life by this passionate, knowledgeable, multi award winning team of artisan distillers.

The Ruddy Fine distillery are a truly inspirational, innovative distiller, their attitude and ethos is ingrained in to every aspect of the business.  So whether your popping in to pick up a bottle of something delicious, taking a ride on The Ruddy Fine Express (Yes!  They operate a tasting night on a Steam Train!) or joining them for a tasting at the distillery itself, you are in for a Ruddy good time!

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The Ruddy Fine Distillery
39 Nottingham South & Wilford Industrial Estate,
Ruddington Lane
NG11 7EP