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Masons of Yorkshire

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AboutMasons of Yorkshire

Masons of Yorkshire was created on World Gin Day in 2013 by Cathy and Karl Mason with a desire to create a different gin with character and substance, not just a different label.

As a fully-independent family-run business, the pursuit of excellence is what drives Cathy and Karl: they call it ‘the Masons Way’.

The Masons Way is the unwavering belief that when it came to creating Yorkshire’s first gin, doing things the right way without compromise would lead to the very best outcome. This has led to Masons being one of the most awarded gins with over 180 international awards and counting.

Masons distil their gins through the London Dry method allowing the flavour of the unique botanicals, juniper led (of course), to come out through the distillation process. Absolutely no artificial colours or flavours are added, that is why all Masons gins are clear, pure and full of flavour.

Masons are proud of their heritage and any visit to the distillery will leave you with an understanding of the passion and hard work that embodies their wonderful expressions.

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Masons of Yorkshire offer a wonderful gin and spirit experience to suit everyone, whether you are just starting your Gin adventure or you are an out and out spirit enthusiast!

This fantastic distillery create delicious expressions with a sense of character and any experience will leave you with a greater knowledge of both the spirit and how it is produced.

Relax in the comfortable, contemporary bar and enjoy a tipple or two before picking up a bottle of hand crafted, delicious gin or indulge in a spirit tasting or cocktail experience lead by a knowledgeable, passionate and talented mixologist.

This venue is also great for groups wanting to enjoy a shared experience together.  “The Masons Way” isn’t just about the spirits they produce but the experience you will find yourself immersed in.

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