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Dog & Spoon Distillery

Distilled Sustainably in rural Derbyshire

East Midlands
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AboutDog & Spoon Distillery

Founded in 2019, the Dog and Spoon Distillery is a gem nestled in rural Derbyshire on Westhouse Farm, where the tranquil surroundings serve as the backdrop for their exceptional craft spirits. The distillery, housed within a converted stable/grain store, is the brainchild of owners Tony and Seb, who are dedicated to infusing sustainability and eco-friendly practices into every aspect of their operation.

Tony and Seb’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the meticulous design of the distillery. The site utilizes solar panels and batteries as its primary energy source, with a backup of green energy to minimize its carbon footprint. Furthermore, the distillery implements custom cold water recycling and has taken a proactive approach to environmental conservation by creating a forest and planting botanicals. Notably, they have adopted a zero-plastic policy for all their packaging, showcasing their dedication to reducing environmental impact.

Every step of the production process, from distillation to packaging, is meticulously carried out onsite by Tony and Seb. This hands-on approach ensures that their products meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability. The distillery’s flagship Carbon Neutral Gins have garnered international acclaim, boasting prestigious awards such as 2 stars at the Great Taste Awards, Silver at the IWSC, and Silver at the Spirit Selection. Their unwavering commitment to sustainability was recognized when the distillery was bestowed with the Sustainable Award in 2023 from the Gin Guide, underscoring their pioneering efforts in the industry.

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Nestled near Alfreton, Derbyshire, Dog & Spoon Distillery epitomises sustainable craftsmanship in the spirits industry. From their commitment to ethically sourced ingredients to their initiatives for waste reduction, environmental consciousness permeates every aspect of their operation.

Dog & Spoon’s idyllic location provides the perfect setting to savour their remarkable range of spirits. Whether you’re a gin enthusiast or simply curious about craft distillation, their diverse offerings cater to all tastes.

While Dog & Spoon Distillery doesn’t currently offer a Gin School experience, they are actively working towards this goal, promising future opportunities to delve into the art of gin-making.

In addition to their exceptional spirits, Dog & Spoon hosts pop-up events at local venues, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

A visit to Dog & Spoon Distillery is not just about indulging in fine spirits; it’s a journey into sustainable living and local engagement. With their environmentally friendly ethos and captivating range of products, it’s an experience that promises to leave a lasting impression.

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Dog & Spoon Distillery
Westhouse Farm
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